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Merry Christmas – and roll on 2014

reddress-1And the Festival moves through its course, merry Christmas kinky girls and boys. Lovely to be in Melbourne , definitely a summer for latex ! . I can be reached on my number 0478-109-994 , though it is much better if you can,  to send me an SMS or an email , as I am not always able to answer the phone immediately.

Early spring update and news of UK visit

Latex Girl in seedy alley

A rather kooky picture taken in a seedy alley on a lovely day. Latex in early spring !!

In other news I am intending to be in the UK in October this year , and hope to be able to take advantage of the autumn light for some new pictures and images.

I will also be available for sessions from 16th – 24th October this year !!.

Contact me and lets see what can be arranged.

New in 13

Rubber Mistress
Well the start of 2013 and greetings to all for the new year .. lots of things happening . I have been pursuing my passion of Japanese rope bondage ( Shibari / Kinbaku ) , so have been very slack with the updates, though will post some photos to give an idea of what I have been up to. I am still working though and available for appointments. Well here am I already to put you through your paces ……

Rubber in Melbourne

Rubber Girl....
A long time since the last update – crazy weather in Melbourne, hot one minute and then cold the next !! , but very nice for rubber at the moment. One of my lovely new outfits in the attached piccie, and I am around and about for sessions up to and over the Christmas period if thoughts of restriction and rubber appeal.

Travelling update – Upcoming England trip

Leather Goddess....
Big News … Mistress V is going on the road to England !! ..and will be able to do sessions by appointment when she is not out socializing and partying and otherwise carrying on. My availability should be in the period of the 3rd to 18th October mainly focused on London. If you let me have a little bit of notice then I will be able to make arrangements. I will have a phone number for the UK which I will post here as soon as that is sorted out. I am really looking forward to this trip. And to doing some latex shopping !.

Insanity abounds. Thoughts of the day

Well it is still the depths of winter here in Melbourne and with the full moon out, mad politicians redefining the laws of physics, and general insanity happening all about in our little world we are having a riotous time of it. Some of these people definitely need guidance and a firm hand, and probably a severe spanking by the sound of them.
Luckily I happen to be well suited to be able to provide the sort of guidance and grounding within our current reality required here. I am thinking stern thoughts, tinged with the smell of leather and pleasure in suffering.